Receiving of notifications test

After completing the basic integration of the Plot Projects SDK you need to test it. You verify whether the Plot plugin is integrated properly by receiving a location based notification. When you have receive a notification, you know the basic integration is successful.

How to test the basic integration of the Plot Projects iOS SDK in your app:

  1. If you don't have a Sandbox environment yet, you can create one by clicking on your app name in the Dashboard. Then click "Manage apps and Plans" and create a new app by clicking the Green Plus icon on the bottom right.

Select app
2. Install your app on your phone. If it is already installed, then remove the app and reinstall it, so you can start from a clean slate.
3. Log in into the Plot Projects dashboard
4. When in your Sandbox app, go to the Notification Campaigns screen by clicking on the corresponding menu item. At the bottom right, you can create a new Notification Campaign.

Campaign list
5. Give the campaign a name and a message. You can ignore the fields on the Advanced Settings screen.

Create campaign
6. Select the action "Open app". If you don't have a geofence yet at your location, you can create one now on this screen. Place the geofence at the location where you're currently are. The geofence radius should be kept at 200 meters.

Create new geofence for campaign
7. Select in the "Users should receive notifications" section the option "More than once" and save your campaign.

Resendability settings
8. Note that you don't receive this notification on your device immediately. The Plot Projects SDK only connects to our backend periodically to update its cached campaigns. Every few hours or when the device has moved significantly. Opening or closing the app in this period doesn't influence this. hen a new notification has been added it takes a while before that notification is downloaded and can be received by you. If you don't want to wait this long you have the following options:

  • You can set up the Plot Projects feature Quicksync, which allows you to instantly send new campaigns to all your app users. See our Quicksync integration guide how to set this up.

  • Turn on and off flight mode. Note that, this workaround only works once per 10 minutes.

  • Reinstall the app


If you did not receive your test notification please use this checklist.


When a notification has been received, it won't be resent until you properly leave the geofence and re-enter it. Reinstalling the app allows you to receive a notification again.