Location testing using a simulator/emulator

Location testing is essential when working with any location based technology and Plot is no exception, however moving to a physical location is not always possible or practical. To deal with this, XCode's device simulator (Getting Started in Simulator) provides a way to emulate a current location. To change a device's current location, click on the custom location option in the Simulator's debug menu as presented in the image below:

iOS Simulator Testing

After clicking, a window will popup that allows you to input the coordinates of your testing location. The app now behaves as if you were at that specified location and the notifications that you set up previously triggers.

To ensure correct workings of the iOS plugin, if you travel for a distance of more than 10 km / 6 miles make sure the speed during the test is less than 130 km/h / 80 mph. Otherwise, the plugin may not load the notifications in time.