Demo app

Here you can track the most common issues that our users encounter when testing with our demo app.

Check these points when you are not receiving your notification on the iOS Demo App.

  1. Did you create a geofence and a notification on your current location? This can be done in our dashboard. Make sure to set the range of the geofence large enough (> 200m for testing purposes).
  2. It can take some time before the demo app on your device is synchronized with our server. To quickly sync your device you could reinstall the app as it will force a sync. After a reinstall the app has to be opened. If you are in the geofence and still want to receive a notification you have to bring the app to the background immediately after opting in to location services.
  3. If you are already in the geofence and have the app in the foreground, you won't receive a notification, but it will show up in the notification tab of the demo app itself. If you want to see the notification in the iOS Notification Center, bring the app to the background straight after opting in.
  4. Is the notification enabled? When the notification is set to paused it cannot be received.

Notification Settings
5. Make sure it doesn't have opening hours or timespans. You can let the notification trigger anytime by setting "Notification can be triggered at the following times:" to "any time" in the advanced settings of your campaign.

Opening Hours Settings
6. Did you set the demo token correctly? It is the 6 digits number that was displayed to you after signing up. If you missed that, you can retrieve it from the developer tools tab of your dashboard. You can set the token in the Settings tab of the Plot Projects app and then click on Connect to account. Once you've entered the demo token the demo app will remember the token.

Demo Token
7. Do you have location services on for the demo app? This can be done in two ways; You will be prompted to enable this after filling in your token, or you can set it at Settings > Plot Projects > Location > Always

Location Permission
8. Are location services enabled on the device? You can set it at Settings > Privacy > Location Services. There you can set Location Services to On.
9. Do you allow our app to send you notifications? This can be done in two ways; You will be prompted to allow this after filling in your token, or you can set it at Settings > Plot Projects > Notifications > Allow

Notification Permissions
10. Do you have an internet connection? In order to load your notifications and geofences the demo app requires a working internet connection. A continuous internet connection also improves location accuracy.
11. Is WIFI enabled? Although no WIFI connection is required, it improves location detecting accuracy.
12. Did you already receive the notification before? Make sure the notification is set to be received more than once in the campaign settings in the dashboard.

13. Is there an app cooldown specified? When there is a cooldown specified in our dashboard for your app then the Plot plugin won't sent more than one message during the specified period. Set the minimum time to "upon re-entering" to remove any cooldown.
14. Have you stayed at the same location for a long time? The Plot plugin works best when moving at slower speeds. To optimize for battery efficiency it is possible you don't receive a notification when driving a vehicle or staying for a longer period on the same location.
15. Is the notification you are not receiving an beacon notification? Please make sure you have turned bluetooth on.
16. Still didn't receive your notification? You can find more detailed information in the log file. You can mail the log file by pressing "Mail log" in the Settings tab.