Configuration hook

It's possible to set or alter the Plot Plugin configuration programmatically by specifying a configuration hook. By default, the configuration for the Plot Plugin is set by adding a plotconfig.json to your project, as explained on the integration guides. A use cases for this functionality is to load the config using your own configuration mechanism, instead of specifying it in the plotconfig.json file.

Plot calls the plotLoadConfig:originalConfig loadWithConfig:loadWithConfig method after your code calls [Plot initializeWithDelegate:]. The values of originalConfig are loaded from the plotconfig.json file, if present. Otherwise, it uses the default values. This means when specifying a property in both the plotconfig.json file and the configuration hook, the configuration hook will override the configurations set in the plotconfig.json. The callback function must be called exactly once.

A configuration hook could like this:

//define the method as a member of PlotDelegate
-(void)plotLoadConfig:(PlotConfiguration *)originalConfig
       loadWithConfig:(void (^)(PlotConfiguration *))loadWithConfig {
    originalConfig.publicToken = @"newToken";