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Demo app guide

Try Plot Projects for yourself in three easy steps

The Plot Projects Demo App enables you to:

  • Experience how easy it is to create and send geofencing notifications on your own device
  • Get acquainted with our simple and intuitive dashboard
  • Send yourself a notification without any coding!
Prerequisite: Get your Account or Log In

Don't have an account yet? Schedule a demo and we'll invite you to your account.

Directly after getting your account, you will be introduced to your "personal dashboard".

If you already have an account with Plot Projects, just go straight to your dashboard.

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1. Download the iOS Demo App

You can find the free Plot Projects Demo App in the in the App Store.

Download iOS

2. Allow the use of Notifications and Location Access

Open the app, Allow the notifications to be send and Always Allow the location access such that the app is able to send notifications even when it is in the background.

Allow Notification on iOS Allow Location on iOS


Ensure WiFi is enabled. Plot Projects does not require you to be connected with WiFi but having WiFi enabled increases the location accuracy of your device.

3. Enter your Demo Token

To enable the Demo App to receive the push notification, enter the Demo Token that is available on your dashboard home top right corner.

Demo Token

Go to the Demo app, click settings, select “Switch set of locations” and then enter the six digit Demo Token in the Temporary Demo token field. The geofences you created in your Plot Projects dashboard should appear on the info screen within a couple of seconds.

Switch set of locations Set Demo Token Map View

Check your Phone for a Notification!

As soon as you enter the geofence, your phone will receive the notification message that has been set up! If you have not received the notification, please email your logfile to your csm (

Notifications on iOS