Event filter

The PlotProjects SDK keeps track of everything that happens on the device by recording events. These events can be a notification sent, a location acquired, various data about the device, data about app sessions, among others. By recording these events, we can provide analytics and to our clients regarding the behaviour of our SDK, and insights about their users. These events are stored locally and once a network connection is available, they are sent to our servers where they are safely stored and can only be accessed by the app’s owner.

By using, the Event Filter, you are able to access and filter these events before they are stored locally.

In a few steps you can implement it:

The delegate passed to [Plot initializeWithDelegate:] may implement the optional method -(void)plotFilterEvents:(PlotFilterEvents*)filterEvents. When the method is implemented, Plot will send the events to this method before showing them on the mobile device. This allows you to hace access to all events that are being saved by Plot and allows you to filter what data Plot can extract from the device.

Make sure to always call showNotifications: at the end of your filtering, even when you have no notifications left. This way our plugin knows you have finished filtering.

//Example for plotFilterNotifications:
-(void)plotFilterEvents:(PlotFilterEvents*)filterEvents {
    NSArray* events = filterEvents.events;
    for (NSDictionary* event in events) {
        // handle/filter events
    // Send the events that you wish they keep beeing stored in our server
    [filterEvents sendEvents:events];