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Webhook and batch reporting

To cross-reference analytics from Plot Projects with your data, we support exporting analytics data from our system. You can export the data to a Customer Data Platform (CDP), a Mobile Marketing Automation Platform (MMA) or your own backend systems. You have the option to use our webhook or export via file-based batches. The webhook delivers the data faster, but requires continuous processing at your side. You identify a Plot Projects user in your app based on the Advertising Identifier or a selected segmentation property. This identifier allows you to cross-reference data generated by our plugin with data generated by your tools. An example use-case is to send a survey email using a marketing automation tool to a user that just visited your store.

We make available events about locations visited, time users dwelled on a location and notifications sent/opened. We list these events in our Webhook events reference. We streamlined the integration with selected partners and integrations, but integration with other services or your backend endpoint is also possible.


You use the webhook to receive the events once the events arrive in our system. Event delivery may take a couple of hours after the actual event happened, because the mobile phones don't connect with our servers in real-time. It is possible to connect our webhook directly with CDPs, such as Segment and mParticle.

For setting this up, we need information about the endpoint to use and what credentials. For the selected partners and integrations, we only need the tokens they provide to get started. In case of your HTTP endpoint, we need to know the URL and the credentials to use. For enabling the webhook, contact your Customer Success Manager or Contact us via the contact form for more details.

File-based batches

We deliver file batches to your Google Storage Bucket, Amazon S3 Bucket or BigQuery dataset. It is also possible to see custom reports in our dashboard in the Analytics tab. For this to work you need to share what events you want to receive, the bucket address or the dataset name, and whitelist access for our service user. We usually deliver these events once per day in a compressed CSV file or an AVRO file.

For enabling these reports, contact your Customer Success Manager or Contact us via the contact form for more details.