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Enabling/Disabling Plot

You have the possibility to control when to enable/disable the plot plugin. You can do this through the config file when the plot plugin is initialized or you can enable/disable it programmatically any time you want.

To do this through the config file you will use the property enableOnFirstRun. By default this option is set to true.

  "publicToken": "REPLACE_ME",
  "enableOnFirstRun": true

This way we do all the hard work for you, and all you have to do is start targeting your users. In case you set this to false, you can later enable it programmatically, but in this situation you will have to ask for location permissions yourself.

Regardless of setting enableOnFirstRun option, you can enable or disable the plot plugin programmatically any time you want. Keep in mind this setting is persistent between sessions.


To enable plot:


To disable plot:


To check current status: