Notifications troubleshooting

Here you can track the most common issues that our users encounter when testing with our demo app.

Check the following points when you are not receiving your notification on your own app with Plot integrated.

Did you receive a notification when using the demo app? If not, see the Android Demo App checklist.

Did you do all the steps in the Android integration guide correctly?

Did you use the most recent version of our plugin?

Is plotconfig.json correctly added? An example of this file can be seen at the Developer Tools in our dashboard.

Did you set the public token (not the demo token!) inside the plotconfig.json? The public token can also be found on the dashboard.

Does your app use its own notification filter? Are you sure the implementation is correct? You could try removing the filter to verify that the notification is not filtered out.

You can check the debug log, which can be sent from the demo app. This is also possible from the plugin, see this blog post.

In case you are still not receiving a notification, you could try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you are still not receiving any notifications, please check our documentation or contact us through the dashboard. Please have your log file ready.