Privacy feature

In recent years, awareness has been raised around data privacy. PlotProjects, being a privacy-first company, decided to introduce an extra layer of privacy to its plugin for companies and users alike who have stringent security standards. By default, the Plot plugin already complies with all privacy protocols and data privacy laws across the globe. All data that is recorded by our plugin is sent to our servers where it is safely stored. This data can only be accessed by the app’s owner and can be transferred or deleted upon request.

Nevertheless, to comply with many companies’ security and privacy standards, we have introduced a new feature to our plugin that enables full privacy on the device. This means that no data will be collected on the device by the Plot plugin and stored in our servers. To enable access to this feature, all you need to is enable the private_mode flag on the Configuration File or on the Configuration Hook.

Please note that once enabled, we won’t be able to display any statistics on the performance of our SDK in your app. However, in case you decide to enable this feature but still need the data collected on the device, you can enable local data hosting and you will able to access this data on the device.