Facebook Places

In version 3.3.0 on iOS and 3.7.0 on Android, we introduced an integration between our SDK and the Facebook Places library. The combination between our location technology and the facebook POI database brings new possibilities on the way your app can target users. After integrating our SDK and once there are Facebook campaigns created, the library will start performing occasional requests to the Facebook Places API to determine what places in your vicinity match the criteria (name, confidence level, category) defined in each Facebook campaign. The following steps describe how to integrate the necessary libraries and how to create your first campaign with Facebook locations.

In order to make your life easier, we built an external library that already does the communication between our plugin and Facebook Places. Start by following the Facebook Places integration guide or jump to the next step if you have done so.

To create a Facebook location, go to our dashboard and click on "Locations" situated on the left side menu, afterwards select the tab "Other". Here you have the list of Facebook locations currently set on your app. On the bottom right you have a plus button that allows you to create your first Facebook location.

Facebook Places create page

Give a name you please to the location and select the "Facebook Places" trigger type. Now you can define the trigger properties to match the Facebook Places data.

name: The name of the place you want to trigger. This will filter on any place name that contains this value. For example: If you define "Starbucks", it will accept all places that contain "Starbucks" on its name.

category: You can define a category of places you want to trigger, leave it empty to not filter by category.

min_confidence: Facebook Places defines 3 confidence levels (low, medium, high) that correspond to the certainty of that place being close to the user. Here you can define which should the minimum confidence level.

Once we have the location created all you need to do is associate it with a notification or data campaign.

When selecting the location of your campaign select the tab "Other", there you will see your Facebook locations.

select campaign with Facebook Places

It's possible to use the Facebook place name in your notification message or in the data field of the Data campaign by using the placeholder {name}.

Facebook Places message data placeholder