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PlotFilterNotifications Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(void) - showNotifications:

Class Methods

(NSArray *) + testFilterNotifications:delegate:


NSArray< UNNotificationRequest * > * uiNotifications

Detailed Description

Represents a notification just before or after sending. You can modify the notification just before it is sent using the Notification Filter.

Method Documentation

◆ showNotifications:()

- (void) showNotifications: (NSArray< UNNotificationRequest * > *)  uiNotifications

Shows the UNNotificationRequest* in the array in the notification center of the device. When a cooldown period is specified, only the first notification is shown when the cooldown is not in effect. Make sure to always call this method at the end of the filtering, even when the array of notifications to show is empty. This way our plugin knows filtering has finished.

uiNotificationsThe array of local notifications.

◆ testFilterNotifications:delegate:()

+ (NSArray*) testFilterNotifications: (NSArray< UNNotificationRequest * > *)  notifications
delegate: (id< PlotDelegate >)  delegate 

Utility method that helps you test your notification filter. Returns the notifications your filter returns

notificationsnotifications to pass to your delegate. The elements must be of type UNNotificationRequest.
delegatethe delegate to test.

Property Documentation

◆ uiNotifications

- (NSArray<UNNotificationRequest*>*) uiNotifications

All notifications that are within the radius of the geofence. The type of the objects in the array is UNNotificationRequests*.

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