Location testing using a simulator/emulator

Since version 2.4, Plot plugin supports two ways of location testing on an emulator. The first method is to enable the emulator testing mode and the second option is to use the Plot.testLocation() method to set an explicit location.

When enabling the emulator testing mode the plugin checks the location more frequent than it normally would and it starts using the GPS location provider. The reason for this is that the emulator forwards the virtual location as a GPS location. When setting emulatorTesting to true in the plotconfig.json, the plugin increases the battery usage significantly. Make sure you disable it before submitting to App Store.

In order to use an emulator on API < 29, you need to set the following properties in plotconfig.json file:

  "debug": true,
  "emulatorTesting": true

Emulator testing is only enabled when debug is set to true. Otherwise, it is ignored.

After setting the previous properties, you use Android emulator location settings to change your location. To access the location screen, first you click on the three dots as shown in the following picture:

Android Emulator Settings

Then set the testing location as shown below. The part within the red rectangle is where you set the test location.

Android Emulator Test Location

To ensure correct workings of the Android plugin, if you travel for a distance of more than 10 km / 6 miles make sure the speed during the test is less than 130 km/h / 80 mph. Otherwise, the plugin may not load the notifications in time.


If you are using API 29 or newer, you don't need to set emulatorTesting flag.