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Get sent notifications

The library allows you to retrieve the sent notifications and geotriggers. The library will retain up to 100 notifications and geotriggers, before the oldest notifications/geotriggers get deleted. When you alter the notification message or the data property, this alteration will also be applied to the notification in the history. The objects returned contain the time the notification or geotrigger was sent and when, if it has, been opened or handled.

An use case where this functionality may be useful for is to show a list of the notifications that were sent since the app was last opened. This allows users to see the notifications again, even though they may have dismissed them earlier.


The sent notifications and geotriggers can be retrieved using the method Plot.getSentNotifications() for notifications and Plot.getSentGeotriggers() for geotriggers.

Because this method uses blocking I/O, this method cannot be run on the main thread. Instead it should be run on a worker thread or in an AsyncTask.

It is possible to remove the history of sent notifications and geotriggers yourself by using the Plot.clearSentNotifications() method for notifications and the Plot.clearSentGeotriggers() method for geotriggers.